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Hey all,

after not finding any entry mentioning this i thought I'd report a little issue.

I downloaded a recordĀ  yesterday at 12 AM to see if this works properly and deleted it afterwards. Even after prompting to delete it still showed up in my downloads and was playable. I tried deleting multiple times again and again but it stayed there. Now, in the morning, I opened Emby again and saw that it was gone from the download tab but still gets shown on my home screen. Also, when I dive into the record itself its still shown as downloaded in there, the little button is blue, when I click it it says "keep" or "remove", clicking both versions does nothing.

If I can give more relevant information let me know!

All the best



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Hey Luke,

yes, it takes about a day or so to disappear. I am not entirely sure if it needs a day to get deleted or if it gets deleted but still shows up.

Anyways, I posted a suggestion on how to solve this whole download thing (and a few other things) a little more gently in the UI, maybe whoever works on the IOS App will give it a try!

Thanks for asking!

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