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Drop Down Menus No Longer Working


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I use Opera for this app. So while based on Chromium, It's not chrome or edge. Wired mouse and keyboard. Not running any add-ons/plug-ins/etc.

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 "Touch UI Layout" is what you check/change.

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just an update:

main pc still has issues with chrome and explorer selecting the media type when I add libraries.

when I click the advancd slider to swap between that setting it causes the selector on media type to briefly flash green (for whatver thats worth)

I have adjusted things like above has suggested but still same, have tuned off all extensions and even booted in safe mode with networking and its still the same behavior.

nothing else is plugged into my pc but a standard wired keybaord mouse (which i moved to one of my other pcs and it works as inended)

having said that I tried on 3 other pcs and emby works as intended on explorer and chrome (even thru teamviewer remote) 

so its something on my main pc that is causing the issue with chrome and explorer (which makes me think it has nothing to do with just chrome settings as it affects explorer too but NOT firefox)


dont know what it is but its not a game changer, howevr is someone only usd one pc and this was present they would obviously use something else.

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Have you checked to see if all MS updates including drivers are up to date?

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Suspected known bug Chrome on Mac.
See: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59336762/chrome-drop-down-menu-bug-closing-automatically
Possible steps to fix based on similar FB issue: https://techwiser.com/facebook-not-loading-chrome/ 

I would not test with Chrome on Mac.  It's generally not supported browser combination.  The Web dev industry typically does not test with this.  If you want to use Chrome, use the Windows version. I would expect you to run into constant issues using that browser OS combination.  Safari & Mac is not much better for odd bugs but it is supported more for web testing online.

Hope that helps.

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