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Tagging music artists


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It's been some time I started tagging music artists. Got excellent results from tagging musicians to their instruments. Not only can I get to, let's say, all flugelhorn players on library but also, when viewing one flugelhorn player, Emby will provide flugelhorn players on the section "More from this..."

This is a great feature and thanks to Emby team for providing it.

I recently started tagging some music albums.

I have just a few album tags on special themes or series (e.g. "Columbia Jazz Masterpieces" or "Rudy Van Gelder remasters")

Today I accidentally found out Emby will return album tags as search results (web app).

Did some tests, also in web app, and it seem not to return artist tags as search results.

Questions are:

1)      Should Emby return artist tags as search results or is this a known restriction?

2)      Would it be possible to have a "cover image" or even a "background image" to a tag to be shown nicely on search results?

3)      Would there be a "all tags" section?

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