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Emby server not creating /var/lib/emby


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Using the guide here I backed up the files it said which included many from /var/lib/emby on my system. I wiped and reinstalled the os and followed the guide on restoring. When it came to setting up emby through the web interface it just paused and did nothing. So I uninstalled emby using my package manager and noticed it left /var/lib/emby untouched although it originally created it itself so I manually deleted it. When I installed the package again it did not create /var/lib/emby and the web interface appears to not be running. It's not creating a service that I can start or restart but systemctl has "emby-server@" and "emby-server@.service". When I enable through systemctl it seems to have no effect.

I tried installing emby on another device and copying /var/lib/emby across but again it made no difference.

How can I get emby working again? At this point restoring userdata is not a concern but I would like to get emby working without reinstalling the os again.

The hardware is a raspberry pi 4b with 4gbs of ram and the os is the latest version of raspbian.

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