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About removing the camera upload - EmbyServer

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I would like a CSS code to remove the camera upload feature from the android emby app.
It is possible ?
I use this code to remove it from the web application.
Thank you

/ * Ocultar upload da câmera * /
[ data - collectiontype = "boxsets" ], [ data - id = "165db2549e77c71dacef0e83a95cc5de" ] { display : none ! importante }

If it is not possible to remove it from the app, is it possible to identify the user who uploads the camera?
I find this feature useless and I don't understand what the purpose of EmbyServer is to have it.

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CSS is only for web apps.

Why do you want to remove it from android?  What is your intentions with Camera Uploads?

Are you trying to keep it just for you and not allow others to use it?  If so SHARE TAB for each user.

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