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Series do not appear help


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Hi guys, I'm trying to add a series, Chernobyl. Create the folder as follows.
TV> Chernobyl 2019.
Inside there are the files, example: Chernobyl.S01E01.mkv

In the emby I created the type "Serie", I added the path, all right, but when I go to watch, don't download any given goal, the folder is empty, no episode appears. They only appear if I change from "Serie" to "EPISODES:
Follow print.





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Your naming is wrong. The year is not needed in the folder name because "Chernobyl" is unique but it is OK to include it however it needs to be in parenthesis.

Try the following

- - - - - - -

TV Shows <- The TV library points here
_______Chernobyl (optional year)
____________Season 01
__________________Chernobyl - S01E01 - 1_23_45.mkv

and so on for each episode.

- - - - - - -
You might make the naming you have work for some shows but Emby would not match shows in that format reliably.
Note: everything after the second dash "-" is optional.
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If you omit the season folder from the hierarchy Emby will sort it out in the end, but at first you won't see the season poster with the episodes listed behind it.


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season folder is recommended, but not mandatory


For example:

    \Glee (2009)
       \Season 1
          Glee S01E01.mp4
          Glee S01E02.mp4
     \Seinfeld (1989)
        Seinfeld S01E01.mp4
        Seinfeld S01E02.mp4 


main problem would be probably the missing parentheses for the year, so emby is searching for a series named "Chernobyl 2019"

but without a log file its pretty hard to check back

only devs can answer how sensitive emby is to deviations here

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Hello guys, I removed the 2019 I just left Chernobyl, inside the folder I created a call Season01, and apparently everything worked out, I also managed in the same way creating with a folder of the type "Mixed Content", that way I didn't need the Season folder, very thank you all @daedalus, @pwhodges, @Gilgamesh_48

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