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XPEnology error


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Hello. Please help.

My page with Emby server does not open

I have XPENOLOGY DSM 6.2-23739 on INTEL ATOM D525.

It is displayed as INTEL Xeon D-1527 in DSM.

I installed Emby server, using https://synology.emby.media/?package_repository=360efc6e-de72-4073-b603-2bfbd7001586 repo link.

When I start the server, the page opens in the browser, but it gives an error that it is not available.


And yet, after installation, the server does not start on its own, I start it, after that an icon appears in the main menu, but after a few minutes it disappears.


What me to do?

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Not really. 

The only thing I see which is close is if I reboot Emby server from within the Emby dashboard and then click the Emby link within DSM real quick I get the message " Emby Server is loading.  Please try again shortly", but if I wait a few seconds it opens the web client no issues. 

Other than that when DSM says Emby is Running I can click on the link or the Open button and it opens another tab for Emby web client with no issues


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10 hours ago, Luke said:

Hi there, are you still running into this?

@FrostByte have you seen this before?

hello. yes

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