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Chromecast over WAN

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Hi everyone,


I'm setting up MB to be accessible over the WAN, and it works well for everything except Chromecast.  Everything functions on the LAN, both from Android clients and casting to Chromecast.  In MB Server, I use UPnP to open the ports, and the router shows 8096 and 8945 forwarded properly.  The Android client connects and plays video from remote locations, so this seems to confirm the ports are open.  But, when I am remote and try casting to a Chromecast, the video does not play.  The app triggers the Chromecast to start the receiver app, which shows the MB logo on the TV.  Hitting play, however, causes the Chromecast to just show a spinning circle, and the Android client doesn't show that the video time is advancing.  FWIW, I removed AdBlock from the phone, as I've seen it cause similar playback issues casting from other apps (e.g. Hulu).


My first guess is that I need to forward additional ports, but I didn't see anything in the tutorials.  Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to firewall logs to see if whether inbound requests are being rejected.  I'm using an IP address, not DDNS.


Any advice is welcome, thanks.

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Found the problem.  The Android client has two address fields for each server, internal and external.  The internal field was a LAN address, and the external field was the public address.  Setting both to be the public address fixed the problem.  

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