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Emby Server 4.2 Released

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Improved Performance
The entire server and all apps will perform better than ever before. This includes general navigation, and in some cases starting media playback.


Faster Live TV Guide Refreshes
The guide refresh process on the server will be much faster now, and in many cases will now complete in several seconds or less.


Improved DVR Recordings
Reliability is improved, and we now have timestamp correction which will help make the recorded files more playable across a broader range of devices and media players.


Raspberry Pi Hardware Acceleration
OMX hardware encoding is now supported on Raspberry Pi !


Updated Themes
Our themes have been freshened up a little to take advantage of newer browser features (Chrome 76+, Edge Insider, MacOS Safari).








Updated Detail Screen
We've improved consistency with our other apps by refreshing the detail screen buttons.




You can always get to your next episode quickly using the new Play Next Up button:




MacOS Improvements


Emby Server now supports keeping MacOS awake while users are active on your server. The delete function has also been extended to support the MacOS recycle bin.


Emby for Kodi Updates


The entire Kodi sync process will be faster, and lighter on it's feet than ever before. The server plugin is now extremely lightweight and will consume only a minimal amount of resources.


Emby for Kodi users are suggested to update their Emby for Kodi add-ons to the latest version in order to take full advantage of the performance improvements.


Tags Now Clickable


If you use tags, you can now click them from media detail screens and quickly see other items using the same tags.


Other Improvements

  • Update GCC compiler for improved ffmpeg performance
  • Update to Sqlite 3.29.0
  • Add timestamp correction for live streams and recordings
  • Improve database performance
  • Improve performance by eliminating unneeded messaging between Emby Server and Emby apps.
  • Improve search performance
  • Support delete to recycle bin on MacOS
  • Implement MacOS prevent system sleep
  • Improve transcoding for interlaced video
  • Add image download language library setting
  • Freshen up themes to utilize new browser features (chrome 76, Edge insider)
  • Show all next up on series detail screen
  • Improve next up performance
  • Improve performance of serving .tbn image files
  • Improve Upcoming on TV section
  • Expand Chinese metadata language options
  • Redesign local network password configuration
  • Enable support for nef photos
  • Display zxx language code as No linguistic content
  • Improve release notes display
  • Add subtitle color settings to the web app
  • Improve image processing error handling
  • Improve Cover Art plugin error handling
  • Disable cuda filters on 32bit Windows
  • Supports subs and subtitles sub-folders for videos
  • Support file: prefix in m3u playlists
  • Delete failed subtitle file downloads
  • Add DfsrPrivate to ignored folder list
  • Add .thumb to ignored folder list
  • Add iPod Photo Cache to ignored folder list
  • Show channel name in dvr schedule
  • Improve cleanup of missing episodes
  • Improve track display titles for mobile downloaded media
  • Preserve original file names when downloading log files
  • Improve refreshing of backdrop images
  • Reduce sync related database queries
  • Fix duplicate movies/trailers in similar items
  • Improve Czech subtitle encoding handling
  • Add app info to ffmpeg logs
  • Support customizing referrer for m3u tuners
  • Android: Ignore incompatible RockChip OMX decoders
  • Improve performance of live tv guide refresh
  • Move Dvd folder support to pre-installed plugin
  • Improve ignore rules for WMC temp folders
  • Try to improve shuffle sorting
  • Add additional filters to list screens
  • Add hidden config switch to vacuum databases

Bug Fixes

  • Fix conflicts with other Dlna apps on Linux
  • Various cinema mode fixes
  • Various throttle feature fixes
  • Fix incorrect next up entries
  • Fix live streams occasionally being left open
  • Fix dynamic images not being replaced periodically
  • Fix some videos stopping early in the web app
  • Fix seasons being incorrectly renamed when using Identify feature on Series
  • Fix live tv channel block via tags
  • Fix lan ip being lost after a period of time on Windows
  • Fix filtering with multi-version videos
  • Fix multi-version videos not showing in collections
  • Fix xmltv quality tag parsing
  • Add parental control tag restriction mode option
  • Fix sample files not being ignored in certain situations
  • Fix live tv channel search
  • Fix for QSV encoding errors with HDR video sources
  • Fix multi-select requiring extra click to close
  • Fix failures when attempting to convert empty subtitle files
  • Fix add to playlist not showing consistent results as other playlist views
  • Fix convert deleting original files of same name as new file
  • Fix genre image aspect ratio detection
  • Fix Nvidia green video issues
  • Fix image extraction for 3D videos
  • Fix web page title during video playback
  • Fix AC/DC adding artist with |
  • Fix old guests not being able to change password
  • Fix + in artist name causing A-Z prefixes to not appear
  • Fix subtitle failure with unrecognized language in file name

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