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Version 4.4.2 crashes mac on loading

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Hello, I'm using a late 2009 iMac running Catalina. I've been using ember server for years with no issues. But since updating to version 4.4.2 i get the following happen:


If I download a new copy from the emby website, it loads fine. But after rebooting the mac, attempting to load emby server completely crashes the mac, making it reboot (panic kernel errors). This also happens in safe mode.


I can use version 4.1.1 fine with no problems at all.


Here are some log files. Am I ok to use the older version, or is there something i can try to use the latest version?


I have already uninstall all plugins as suggested in a thread here.




osx crash log.rtf


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Yes it’s still happening. I also noticed something else. Version 4.1.1 works perfectly, but if I close the server or try to restart it, it will not load back up unless I restart the computer

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