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ANSWERED Can't access Premiere features

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I just purchased Premiere, but after saving my key, I still can't access Premiere features. Additionally, the "Get Emby Premiere" button is still visible in the top right corner. When saving my key, I get the following message: "Thank you. Your Emby Premiere key has been updated." This makes me thing it's not an issue with the key. Even so, I've checked several times to make sure I wasn't missing any characters or making some other silly mistake. I have access to internet, and can download metadata for my files without any issues. That being said, is there an easy way to see if Emby is having issues connecting to the authentication server?


System Info:

Synology Model: DS418play

Emby Version:

Docker Version: 17.05.0-0401


Docker Image:

Image: linuxserver/emby:latest



docker/emby /config

data/gDrive /media






environment variables:

path /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin

home /root

language en_US.UTF-8

lang en_US.UTF-8

term xterm

nvidia_driver_ capabilities compute,video,utility

PGID 101

PUID 1024

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resolved by disabling privacy badger. 

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Thanks for the feedback.

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