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Movie metadata for live TV (IMDB rating, movie runtime, link to trailer...etc)


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A feature i would find really useful would be to see additional metadata when looking through "on now" and "upcoming movies" for live TV.


In particular the ability to click on the "on now / upcoming" movie poster & where the options are to watch / record / more... have additional data such as IMDB & rotten tomatoes ratings, movie runtime & a link to be able to watch the movie trailer prior to setting a recording. 


Would this ever be considered / possible?



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Hi, the challenge is that the potential for incorrect matches will be very high because we'll only be able to search by name.

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Hi Luke, thanks for the quick reply. 


No worries... I see the dilemma. It was just a thought / suggestion. Things are working nicely for me using Emby (im really pleased with it), this request / suggestion was really only to add some extra "bells and whistles" lol.


To be honest, rather than spending time on this, in my opinion i believe there are other elements of Emby i think should be focused on / developed as a higher priority.


My suggestions would be:


1) Quicker channel changes (as no doubt there is a lot of talk on the forums about this - I get approx a 5 - 10 second tuning delay when switching channels). Turning a few features on / off & using an external player (when im using FireTV app) seems to help. Not a big issues, however when i use my backend software (DVBViewer) im getting channel switching approx 1 second.

2) The ability to group channels. This would be really useful to me, so I can setup channel lists based on... entertainment, HDTV, movies, kids, sports...etc.

3) In addition to grouping channels, the ability to include / group DAB radio listings from Astra 28.2 within the EPG would also be good (I record a lot of music & listen to recorded radio shows when driving to and from work).

3) As per my other posts within the FireTV app section - Removal of this "null -" message from "on now", "upcoming shows / movies" and within the "scheduled recordings" sections / screens,... removal of duplicated artwork from the live TV homescreen... and also the ability to show "active recordings" on the homescreen within the FireTV app (which seems to work nicely on the web app & android app).


I must say though i find Emby overall to be a great piece of software - Happy to donate / support with whatever I can.

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