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Subtitles do not search based on series

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Hey folks,


I'm a pretty novice user, and I'm having an issue I can't figure out or find resources on to self resolve. Basically, I used to be able to search for subtitles via the Edit Subtitles function on an episode, and it would return results based on the episodes information, such as the series, season, and episode.


Now, it appears when it searches it ignores the series, and searches for any series with the same season and episode number, like this: 



This should be a search for Better Call Saul, S05E02, but as you can see it's searching for any show that matches. I have confirmed the metadata has the right information and even went so far as to replace all my meta data witha  new scan to no avail. 


Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. 

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I've also started seeing this on some series. It seems to think it's Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad or some other random show, sometimes subs for the correct show are in there (among about 100 others) but not always. Other series in my collection download perfectly.

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So the behaviour appears to be across all subtitle searches for me. If I had to guess (not to step on your toes) I would say that Emby is searching strictly based on the name of the file, instead of the metadata within, or any reference the the actual show it belongs to. Let me know how I can help if you need more info. 

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Ok I'm pushing an update to the OpenSubtitles plugin. Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks, that fixed it. Appreciate your attention to this despite all the wild stuff going on right now.


Stay safe out there!

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