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Hi guys,


Just wondering if we can include better user management in Emby?


My issues:

1. I have more then 100 users. To delete any of them I need go to every user hand by hand which is kinda pain in ...

2. Also when I like to change some user permissions I need to do it by user and can't change global for the all (registered)


I'm using LDAP which have been promised by Luke or EBr (don't remember right now:-) ) with more futures for default user. I mean ex converting future can't be disabled by default which is not the best idea from the server point of view. I'm not happy if some user intentionally or by mistake convert my original file to something else. The subtitles also. I'm the admin so I should have an option to not allowed this functionality for my users.


Any comments appreciated


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For your first issue I guess you are looking for a quick delete button on the character profile picture or so?


For your second issue look here and add your vote:


And perhaps some other topics that may fit your interest (I do think they are less fitting than the one above though):




Edit: there is also an LDAP topic, but I read your last sentence a little too late. It's about LDAP plugin, not sure if it may help you as it is a long topic and I have no personal interest in reading it :D


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H there


Yes this is what I'm looking for.

Maybe the icon on the user profile is not what I'm talking about because then you need to do it by per user again.

I'm more up to something like delete the group when we have a groups in place

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