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Emby Classic login on Server


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Hello Chief @@ebr,


I have a question for you that may save me a day in restoring an image.  please help.


I have a server on Windows x64 and Emby classic release code...


Currently, when i try to login with user that have password, it fails..   Users without password it works fine.


Luke kindly suggested i upgrade to Emby Classic release code, which I plan to do, but if it is not going to work, then I will have to go back to my release code, which means spending a whole day restoring the most important machine in the house.  (i always prefer to run release code, but if the beta version will solve the problem, then i will accept that.)


Since you know about Emby Classic the most.. Question:  Does the Beta code handles login differently than the release code of Emby Classic??  (the reason i ask is, i remember you saying there is almost no difference between the two.)


If it is not, then I will accept this as a limitation of the Emby classic and server, and will lock down my setup as Server and Emby Classic, which will see me through another year or two, by then the integration will be much further than today (i hope).


Otherwise, if it works, then I will finalize my server with current and Emby Classic Beta...


Thanks (and sorry we crossed swords on the integration issue) 

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Yes, for any server greater than 3.5, you need to use the beta of WMC.  This version is not really a "beta".  It is the version for newer servers.

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Hi Chief @@ebr,


I just want to say thank you.. your suggestion worked, and the only thing stopping from going with the newest server is the GameBrowswer.  I will keep testing and let you guys know.


Thanks for all your help.

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