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Downloading music/movies work fine, e-books/images won't start


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Hello Emby,

Version information:
Emby Mobile 3.1.8|
Emby Server with a Premier account.
Multiple devices including Motorola G5S, Motorola G7 plus, and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 tablet

Issue description:
Currently when trying to download images or e-books from the mobile Android app, no download starts. Not even after waiting for a while (0-15 minutes). Movies and music files start almost immediatly.

I do see the downloads when I check the admin dashboard. But not when I click the Downloads tab in the bottom menu. Movies and music files are shown here. E-book downloads and image downloads do stall any movie downloads that I've queued after them. This means I manually need to remove them from the admin dashboard before movie/music downloads can continue. So something is clearly going wrong here...


I'm expecting to be able to just download a photo to my device or even share it if possible. Sharing also gives me the direct url when sharing instead of real shared image. But I read that this is expected behaviour. When sharing an e-book I only get to see the url to the emby server: http://{{host}}/emby without Items/{{id}}/etc... in the path. But that is possibly another issue?

When checking the logs I don't notice any issues and no error messages. But I've attached it just in the case. If you need any more info, please ask me! Thanks!


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I now only notice this topic: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/82761-androidios-unable-to-download-photo-media/
ill the issue be fixed in the new version?

Will the 4.4.0v also fix this for e-books?



Hmm... I now see that some nice improvements are made in
Is it adviced to try this version and report if it fixes the issues I'm having?

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Hi, 4.4 will be released soon and it should resolve the download problem with these file types. Thanks.

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