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Fading subtitles issue


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Firstly as this is my first topic, I just want to thank you for creating such a great product which can actually play almost everything I throw at it without transcoding video, unlike your main competitors.


I watch a lot of anime and therefore use subtitles a lot, and unfortunately this is one area where it's not quite up to scratch, although the most recent update from about a month or two ago improved subtitles considerably.


On to the issue then: it appears that when a subtitle fades in or out, it prevents any other subtitle from being displayed for as long as that faded subtitle is (supposed to be) displayed.


For example, this scene from the Comic Girls anime (screenshot attached showing playback and subs using potplayer). You can see multiple subtitles are being displayed at once, i.e. all the ones that are supposed to be displayed at that point in time.


However on the TV what is displayed is:


This is a character from the new manga I'm drawing!


[that subtitle ends at the correct time, and no subtitles are displayed for a few seconds, then...]


♥ Won a
♥ IQ 500
[scene ends]
All the subtitles shown in the image in between that first and last one, with the exception of ♥ Won a..., don't display.
I don't know much about this stuff, but from looking at the subtitle editor in potplayer, it does appear that when a subtitle contains something like {\fad(n,n)}, that is when the subtitles don't display properly. 
In this specific example, my interpretation is:
  1. "This is a character from the new manga I'm drawing!" - this is the first subtitle of the scene, it's normal, and displays properly
  2. "{\fad(1,500)}Special Kanji Drills" and "♥ Won a Nobel-something ..." both start at the same time. The fact that one of them is faded causes both it and any other subtitle which starts during that time to not display, so neither of them are shown.
  3. "IQ 500..." is a normal subtitle which starts and ends during that faded subtitle's duration, so it is never shown.
  4. "{\fad(1529,1)}Senpai" is another faded subtitle, so it also doesn't display.
  5. "Won a Nobel-something-or-other Award?" is a normal subtitle whose duration is entirely contained within the "Senpai" faded sub, so it also never displays.

However the "♥" sub does display after a few seconds, probably after the first faded sub's duration is done. It does also display during the time of the second faded sub, so I guess because it started earlier the second one doesn't affect it?


I've also looked for more faded subs, found another simpler instance later in the same file. Some normal text followed about 10ms later by faded text, both to be displayed concurrently. The normal one displays fine (it started first), the faded one again isn't displayed at all.


I can provide more examples or images if you wish.


Samsung model number: UE50NU7400

Samsung firmware version:  1290

Samsung Emby client version #:  Emby Theater 1.0.72



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Hi, can you try our USB install as that is a couple versions ahead. There's a chance it may render the subtitles better. Thanks!

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@@FrostByte Unfortunately I can't install the latest version (taken from here) as my tv just says "[user App] emby installation with USB package is failed!" and I don't see where to find any further info. The USB drive is 2.0, formatted as FAT16, zip file is unzipped to the drive, don't have any other USB version installed. But doesn't matter, as long as I know there are improvements to look forward to when released. Thanks

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Was your USB locked by chance?  I've seen that error when mine was and the install couldn't write to the drive


The Samsung review process can be slow at times, for 2018 and newer TVs it seems to be worse.

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@@FrostByte, was it required to remove the store version first?



Not, from my experience.  The USB version will overwrite the store version, but it leaves you with two icons which both start the same app.  So it's probably best to remove the store version first also before installing from USB to clean things up


The only issue I have is installing USB on top of USB.  However, it doesn't give you an error when you try, it just doesn't do anything.


Just to be sure @@eurotrash you're removing the installed app, and not just the shortcut from Home.  Seen that a few times.

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Ok, good and bad news.


The good news is I've installed the beta app. I went to follow your instructions about deleting the app, but when I loaded the general apps screen it told me I had only 10MB of free space left and updates would fail. After deleting some other apps the beta version installed successfully.


The bad news is the subtitle issue is still there, exactly as I described initially. The version is 1.0.76

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Thanks, the video helped.  I can see the issue.  I'm not sure if we are going to be able to resolve this as it looks like the TV web engine may not be able to handle these fast animations correctly.  


I'll let you know how I go

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