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safe to update?


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is it safe to update? i really dont want to update emby only for it too go into the endless cycle of shutting down like it was before. is safe to install? is anyone else having any problems with it?

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i have this problem in terramaster NAS:


E' disponibile una nuova versione del Server Emby!

Versione è ora disponibile per il download.


When i download a new version :

TerraMaster X64
  1. Download emby-server-terramaster_4.4.1.0_x86_64.tar.xz
  2. From the TerraMaster web interface, go to Applications -> Settings. From here you can manually upload the Emby Server package for installation.
  3. Start Emby server from the TerraMaster web interface
  4. Open a web browser to http://localhost:809

I go to Application interface, but the extension file is not correct, the application need *.tpk file.


And not install nothing.


Where is the problem?

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