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Problems with alexa skill


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hi guys and great work on what you are doing, 

i have a issue or 2 i cant sort out with my echo show and firestick

im using the uk version

first of all it wont open emby when i say open emby home. so ive set a routine to open. which is fine

when i ask emby to play movie, it plays flawlessly

when i ask to play next episode of tv show or just play tv show it says cant reach ur skill at the moment. everytime..



now another is google. 

opens ebey home like a dream

it wont play a film at all but will play next episode....lol

it doesnt seem to want to repond to the number 2 in the lists

so yeah i have options but its very annoying..

it also wont play on my webos player but alexa does lol....


any ideas please?

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