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Tablo 4 Tuner Live TV & DVR with ad removal Plugin


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Tablo would be a great Plugin for Emby.


Tablo capabilities  (I'm no shill) Tablo is a whole home quad station tuner DVR for cord cutters.  It has (in Beta) the ability to remove advertisements from "recorded" content.   It allows you to watch and record up to 4  HD channels at the same time.  Tablo is a network-connected DVR that streams live and recorded content over the air HD TV from your antenna through the Tablo to Roku, Android, IOS, Amazon, Microsoft & Web Browsers...  High-definition transcoding provides the best picture quality while optimizing storage and Wi-Fi bandwidth usage. Connect up to 8 TB that can be added externally through USB ports and\or Internal Sata interface for SSD.  RJ45 10/100/1000, wireless 2.4 & 5 -Ghz.  The wireless feature allowed me to put the antenna in the attic, it detected almost 80 Channels with a $20 antenna!


I would be grateful if a plugin for this was coded.


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