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Emby play to Marantz: only music OK


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I am new to Emby, and I have just installed it in a FreeNAS system. Everything went smoothly. I love the interface. I have no problems with clients on Mac, iPad or iPhone.


However, when I try to play on a Marantz SR6010, I can only play music. Photos take over 10 seconds to load, and movies just never play - the best I get is a cover picture of the movie but playback never starts.

The same thing happens whether I access the server directly from the Marantz, or when I access from the iPad client and then choose "play to" Marantz from the iPad app.

The server and the Marantz are in the same ethernet.


I never tinkered with any settings. After the Emby server was installed, the Marantz saw it without me having to set anything up.

Are there any settings I am missing?

Is the problem in my server, the network or the Marantz? Mac and iPad, where playback is not a problem, are on WiFi and the Marantz is on ethernet, but if anything, ethernet should be faster/more reliable?

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