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IIS Reverse Proxy


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I was able to successfully configure windows IIS as a reverse proxy using URL re-write and AAR. I also enabled SSL offloading so I can put my Let's Encrypt cert in IIS and manage it through there as well as control the level of SSL Ciphers that IIS can use.

Emby comes up perfectly and works.. Right up until you click play on a movie.

The playback seems to take forever to load, it eventually does but then another issue comes up. The CPU on the server jumps to 99% and it never stops. From what I can tell of the logs it is doing a Remux of the file and then playing it which is causing the CPU to run hot.


I was playing "The Fifth Element" as a test and when I viewed the stats for nerds it states that the "media bitrate exceeds limit" which I find odd as the movies overall bitrate is just 12/Mb.


As a test I then disabled the reverse proxy and used the built in emby way of encrypting the server. I passed the .pfx12 file and its password and changed the port to 443 and did another test with the same movie and it played perfectly. It loaded instantly and the CPU stayed at around 1% usage. 


Could it be the SSL offloading that is causing this ?

Could it be IIS itself ? Is there specific things I need to change within IIS in order for this to work correctly ?

Has anyone here been able to successfully get an IIS reverse proxy with SSL offloading to work with emby ?


Let me know

Thank You





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been a bit since I hit that issue on server  2012r2 RWA site but iirc it was due to mixed content issue.

if content was on same server as the IIS server (course would not need proxy then but I digress) was not an issue.

iirc was something in the outbound rules header rewrite in proxy rules, maybe disable that? don't quote me I eventually disabled the proxy for media servers (as I needed it pretty much dedicated to exchange server) on my RWA IIS server and just bought cheap cert for emby server and installed it and NAT the port to media server.

been long time since I did that part too (was using older plex at time before installing emby) but I think it worked just like server 2008r2 and 2012r2 do.

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