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Custom CSS - HowTo Intro


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I'm running emby-server in docker on my linux server & accessing via the web-interface from other boxes.


I've seen numerous mentions of a 'custom css' feature - but need a hand getting started:


Looking inside the docker emby-server container I see numerous css files under /system but these are

all minimised. I guess it is possible to copy & modify these and volume mount the edits over the existing files 

to achieve mods - but mention of 'css feature' makes me think there is another mechanism intended for this

which I've not yet found.


What is the intended method of adding / modifying css eg for the web-interface or android app? At the end of the

day some files need to be stored somewhere & pulled in by the app - so Firebug / Chrome dev draw editing 

can only be for testing.


Is there an editor in the web-interface I've missed?


I've searched the forum & looked at the User Guide & not found a HOWTO Intro - sorry if I missed something ...



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Well, normally you go to the Dashboard, select Settings, scroll down and enter stuff in the Custom CSS window (and save). I just use Windows so am just assuming that applies to this Linux / Docker thingy also.

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Got it thanks @@arrbee99 ! Didn't look there ....


A quick test showed I could change the css, the app reloads automatically when 'save' is pressed,

after which the changes are active. 


Since the changes are also present in other browsers, they must be transferred to the server. 


Looking at the server end I see  the file /config/config/branding.xml has been modified.


Since this location is docker volume mounted it persists across server re-starts.


All makes sense and now I can even edit css directly on the server ... nice.


I guess the android client is a native java thingy which won't use css for styling.

I've read there is something called javafx which does - but I guess this is not in use &

there is little point in a re-write ;)

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