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Yet Another Metadata Help Request


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Hi all,

New to Emby, which I am trying to setup purely for mobile device access. So far, Emby is not pulling any metadata for my media files. Here is how media is setup:

1. Movies are stored in /movies/<decade>/<year>/movie_title.mkv

    For Blu-Ray - /movies/<decade>/<year>/movie_title

2. Series are store /series/<series_title>/series_title_s01/series_title_s01e01.mkv

3. There are no .nfo stored with the movie/series files

4. Emby has read only access to the media volumes

5. Emby is running on a dedicated Linux VM, with binary install (not docker)


The above conditions are fixed and will not change. What I am looking for is an option to manually update the metadata to add the movie, series title, thetvdb id/themoviedb id and have Emby pull the remaining information. Unfortunately, the editor does NOT allow me to change the series title and I cannot locate where the metedata info is stored in the DB.


Any help appreciated.

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Hi Welcome


A few things to try


1 - try using the Identify option on a media item - three dot menu - usually the tvdb or mvdb ID is enough to find the correct item

2 - ensure you have the tvdb and moviedb plugins loaded - as without them Emby is not going to find anything - they are by default

3 - make sure you have metadata downloaders (plugins) chosen in the library options - tip ensure you have advanced options enabled (top right) to see all options


If those dont work - you may have to consider revising your folder structure - why - because the structure/naming you have currently is unsupported

Movie Naming - https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie-naming

Tv Naming - https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV-naming


One of the Benefits of having a supported structure is that the media is automatically identified and you get all the metadata and images (dependant on your settings) without manual intervention


If you have a large collection - identifying media individually will grow old very quickly :)


Have fun

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I use Tiny Media Manager (free open source program) for all my metadata. I haven't found anything better. it just works, and the structure/naming isn't nearly as critical.


you set it up like Emby, point it to your movie directory and your tv directory and hit scrape. very rarely I need to use IMDB instead of TVDB to get the TV shows correct (for some reason M*A*S*H is completely wrong on TVDB) but other than that it will either scrape a movie with the best match, or give you a list to choose which one is correct. then it renames and rebuilds the folder structure by movie, or tv show/season in proper format. it's quick and efficient, and has more/multiple options for scraper sites/metadata providers as well. Unfortunately it doesn't handle music or music videos, but you can manually create metadata for anything you want very easily. it will also download the trailers if you want as well as all artwork.


then just turn off the Emby scraper and you are good to go. I found out about TMM when using Kodi and been hooked on it ever since.

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