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How to find missing Movies/TV Shows?


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I was using Plex but want to migrate to Emby, but I am having problems with missing items in my library.

I have multiple drives with Movies and TV shows, all named correctly for example TV Shows:

└── Black Mirror (2011)
    ├── Season 01
    │   ├── Black Mirror - s01e01.mkv
    │   ├── Black Mirror - s01e02.mkv
    │   └── Black Mirror - s01e03.mkv
    ├── Season 02
    │   ├── Black Mirror - s02e01.mkv
    │   ├── Black Mirror - s02e02.mkv
    │   ├── Black Mirror - s02e03.mkv
    │   └── Black Mirror - s02e04.mkv

Unfortunately Emby did not identify all or added some as duplicates, I don't know..
For example, I have 413 TV Shows but in Emby I see only 412. How to find where is the problem?
Is there some way to list all items in library with paths to files/folders? 
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Only way I can see would be the Reports Plugin then export each type to CSV or Excel.


Unless you are good with databases.

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If you're missing one series then if i had to guess, it got merged with another series due to having the same tvdb id. You could try turning off the merging feature for your TV library, then run a library scan and see if that changes things,

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