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EmbyCon crashes Kodi on Ubuntu X86-64 system and on FireTV Stick 4k when scrolling list


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Hi all brand new to Emby (and EmbyCon) today and really getting stuck in and its brilliant!


I have an issue that I have come accross that I can't seem to solve, that I wonder could it be a bug?


When I scroll down the Movies listing (in All Movies under EmbyCon) Kodi crashes. I have two installs and both act slightly differently but are triggered in the exact same way.


Result when the above is done:

  • FireStick 4k - Kodi crashes and drops back to the FireTV menu
  • Ubuntu 18.04 Server - Kodi service remains running and even shows under "top" but the TV switches to no source found (its like the HDMI has been pulled out but Kodi is still running)


My Setup:

  • Emby running under Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 server with Kodi Leia 18.5 frontend and EmbyCon installed from the Emby repo.
  • Fire TV 4k with Kodi Leia 18.5 running and again EmbyCon from the repo. 


Log from the Ubuntu Server Kodi setup take imedietly after the screen goes to "no source found":




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EmbyCon just runs as a Kodi Python plugin, it should not be able to crash your system at all.

However if Kodi has issues it will crash.

The main reason Kodi would crash is usually skin or playback related, if you were not playing anything back at the point of the crash then I would suggest it is the skin triggering a bug in Kodi or even Kodi triggering a bug in the video driver.

You could try a different skin, the best test would be with the default Skin with NO other addons installed apart form EmbyCon, i.e. clean install of Kodi with just the EmbyCon addon using the default skin.

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