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Remotely connecting to a PC's Emby server without disabling the VPN.


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The PC that I have set up an Emby server on uses Mullvad VPN often, but not always. My goal is to be able to watch the server's media files through other devices, no matter if the VPN is active or inactive. When the VPN is active, the connection fails. When the VPN is inactive, the connection succeeds.

Mullvad allows port fowarding, and I've read a few guides on that, as well as the Connectivity Wiki for Emby but am still having trouble, either because I don't quite understand how it works or because the guides weren't specific enough for my issue.

So far, I have only tried to connect through a Fire Stick and it works only when the VPN is inactive. If the VPN is on, entering either the LAN and WAN address still gives a connection error.

Emby Connect has connected my user account to the server, but the server still does not show on the app after entering the pin.

I appreciate any suggestions that you can give.

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Mullvad has an option for local network sharing in preferences. Enabling this option allowed me to access the server on my Fire Stick. I also may have misinterpreted what 'remote access' means, so just to clarify all of these devices are on the same LAN.

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