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My Library Setup


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I'm rather proud of my Library. Lots of work has gone into it.


Couldn't resist sharing.  post-277870-0-75251200-1576429537_thumb.png 

Maybe others can share their Library setups for us to get ideas to make our libraries better.


The "WIP" libraries are those I'm still working on getting them sorted, cleaned up, and accurate. Once the content is accurate and complete, I move it to the "non-WIP" library. Each have their own directories to keep things clean. One of these days there will be less in the Work In Progress libraries than there are in the finished ones.    :P  


I love the audio book support and the way I can listen to my OTR library.


My only negative about Emby is the lack of book reading support. Wish there was a way to tie it into Calibre and vice versa.


Thanks for a great product.

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