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Direct Play - Cannot Fast Forward


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I've been using FreeNAS on windows for a couple of years now and a few days ago a bit the bullet and built a NAS with FreeNAS. I went the plugin route for emby and everything has been working fine, that is until I tried to fast forward with my Kodi using the Companion. The image just went to black and stopped playing altogether. 


Now here's the kicker, I'm not having problems when transcoding the videos, it only happens if I have play a video and the bitrate is over 10Mbps. To bypass this issue, I've had to make it so that the playback forces a transcode using 1080p 10mbps on the local network. Since it doesn't happen when transcoding, I just have it to auto when playing from the internet, I'm already forcing a max of 8Mbps from outside connections. 


Any idea on why this would be happening?

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Hi there, how does the web app compare?


Same thing everywhere. 


I noticed earlier something weird. I was playing a 10Mbps and could not FF but then with a 5Mbps file, it seemed to be working fine. 

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HI there, can you please attach the emby server log from when you tried to do this? You can learn how to do that here:





Here you go. 


The first playback I had it set to 1080 10Mbps and it was direct streaming (I believe it was because the file I was playing was actually a 3Mbps file) and the second playback of the same file was set to auto, both playbacks were done using the browser. 


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Hi @@nelsong, do you have a file that doesn't have any embedded subtitles that you can test and compare with? if there's no problem with that, then this should be resolved as soon as Emby Server 4.3 lands in FreeBSD ports.

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I went ahead and did a manual upgrade of Emby for FreeBSD on the jail (I was using the plugin version) and everything seems to be working perfectly fine now.

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