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Kodi/Emby Plugin - Native Path Problem


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I wanna share with you this native path problem I've just found on Kodi (it's 18.4 / 18.5, but I think the version doesn't matter).


I have a folder on my QNAP NAS (where Emby latest server is running), and I added it in the  Emby library at this path :




Native path : \\\Multimedia\Video\2160p\


Everything is fine .. but  .. I have another folder called 2160pUNT (Untouched), so, in Emby is :



Native path : \\\Multimedia\Video\2160pUNT\


In Emby standalone client everything works fine. In Kodi all the 2160pUNT folder files are indexed and into the database, but when I try to play them , are all "file missing" .. and I found out why.

The native path in Kodi is wrong .. a "/" has been added between 2160p and UNT .. look at the RED slash : smb://


I guess the problem is that he has in the library a folder named 2160p, and when a folder with the same starting name is added (like 2160pUNT), something goes wrong and he puts a / after the shortest path, thinking that everything that comes after it is something into that folder. (I hope my explanation is understandable).


Btw I solved renaming one of the two folders.


What do you think about ?





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Replying to this to say that I've encountered this exact same issue.


My folders:


Native path: \\SERVER\Movies_D$



Native path: \\SERVER\Movies_TEMP_D$


After path substitution everything from that second folder should have the following path in Emby for Kodi:

\\SERVER\Movies_TEMP_D$\moviename (2019)\video.file.mp4


Instead they have the following path:

\\SERVER\Movies_D$_TEMP\moviename (2019)\video.file.mp4


Emby is doing path substitution by going down the list. "D:\Movies_TEMP" matches path substitution rules for both "D:\Movies" and "D:\Movies_TEMP". Emby does the path substitution for "D:\Movies" even though that is wrong and creates a non-existing path. I'm not sure if "D:\Movies" is being preferred alphabetically or because I added it before the other folder.


Like the above poster I also got around this by renaming the folder to prevent the shared characters. It's annoying though, I'd like them to sort together in Windows Explorer, and it's broken some of my Kodi playlists that look for a "\Movies" string.


Running Emby Server Not sure what version of Emby for Kodi it is but I updated it on 2019/11/27 to try and troubleshoot this, so whatever version was being served today (maybe 4.1.16? I see that version number in the devices section of the Emby dashboard).

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Nothing changed. If you're using the old global path substitution in the server config file then I would imagine it's always been this way.

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What would happen if you added a slash to both paths, like so?


My folders:


Native path: \\SERVER\Movies_D$\



Native path: \\SERVER\Movies_TEMP_D$\


Nevermind, I just tested on my side and it works correctly with your test case using per folder substitution.

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I was wondering, if there any advantage to using native path, instead of default plugin configuration.

I did not have any filepath problem using per folder substiitution.

However, using native path option in plugin breaks library update functionality. Each update (either upstream or downstream) must be triggered manually from Kodi.

I've switched all clients to plugin default in order to avoid this problem.  

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