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any good video on how to setup emby on nvidia shield


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need set up video, i am using shield as server with 4tb external hard drive  , i am stuck on page where it asked for path


ok  i think i got it setup folders on my laptop, but still wish there was a good video

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I agree setup videos would be nice to have but following screen shots and the wiki articles will usually provide the information you need.  I personally gave making Emby videos a thought until I remembered I didn't have anything that would do resolutions above 720 and record in friendly formats. I stopped updating my video equipment when basic cell phone video got decent/good and when my 2 kids grew up and no longer wanted to be part of "dad's family videos".  Who knows what 2020 will have in store.  It's something I might still take on to help others.


With all that said, let's get back to your problem and try to solve it.

Do you have the Shield Pro or normal version?

Is the 4TB drive plugged in via USB or used over the network?

If USB is it being used only as storage or as shield "memory" as well?


Can you elaborate a bit more what is on the screen (or use a pic) of the screen you are stuck at during installation?  I'm sure we can get you fixed up even if not using a video. LOL




PS do a reply to my message so I get a notification you replied.

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thanks for reply carlo

normal 16gb shield,  4tb drive is  connected by usb and classified as removable storage, not shield memory

if need be i can change it to internal shared storage ,would have to mount it i guess

i have only 1 movie ,which plays 1 min then stops  says not enough speed to play movie , and it dosent show on storage drive , must be getting it from my laptop???

also 2 videos i have show up in movies and  home videos & photos , dont know why in both

have music on my laptop but dosent show in media  server ,dont know how to get them on server


do i need server on laptop and  shield ? how about player on both also

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That's a bit strange on the speed issue.  This movie is on the external drive attached to the shield TV correct?

What client are you playing these back with?


If you have videos showing up in both libraries that will usually mean that the two libraries overlap each other which you don't want to do.  Make sure each library is different and the setup of the library points to different locations.


BTW, when responding tag me with a @cayars so I get a notification and will see it.

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