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Commercials are much louder

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I have noticed that with Live TV, that the volume of commercials is much louder than the show being aired.

It is quite jarring.

It does it bad on certain channels....like Comedy Central. The commercials are at least 3x the volume of the show.

I have tried the "Volume Leveling" feature on the tv that the Shield is connected to, but, does not seem to do anything.


I have noticed this happen with my desktop computer, when using Emby Theater to watch Live tv....but it is only a slight difference.


I wonder if it is the raw CATV stream from Xfinity...or perhaps how the tuner hardware send stream?


The Xfinity cable box, tuned to the same channel, on same tv, does not do this at all.


Any settings or things i can tweak with Emby or on the Shield to battle this annoyance?


(There was some law passed at some point that made it illegal for commercials to be louder than the show being broadcast.)

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Despite the law, isn't this just always the case? 

Never used to be..it got bad enough that it made national news on 20/20 or something....was a big scandal.  That happened a few years ago now, and ever since then, haven't had such volume issues....at least not all the time.

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A lot of IPTV channels don't originate in the US as well.  That was one way comskip used to (maybe still is an option) detect commercials.

I always thought some kind of audio normalization option would be nice.  Sucks to wake up my wife, or be woken up, when the audio volume increases due to a commercial or just gets jacked up in the content itself.

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Yes, this is the source that is doing this.


A lot of TVs have normalization functions just for this (or at least used to).

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