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tv episode identification issues

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i have been having trouble with anime series in particular like Naruto, dragon ball z and now black clover. upon reaching the 100th episode, emby no longer detected the episode, it appeared as some random serial number. so i changed the folder structure as it appears in IMDB, season 1 with 51 episodes, season 2 with 51 episodes, and season 3 empty since no episodes have aired for that folder yet. In emby i created a folder called ANIME SERIES with a tv category, then the folder structure for this series was  ANIME SERIES_

                                                                                                                                                                     Black Clover_

                                                                                                                                                                                            Season 1_

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Black Clover S01E01

Which gave me this in emby-5da8a11b3e9b0_blackcloverimage1.png

it shows episode 106 and 107 unaired in season 1 which is wrong. also season two looked like this-5da8a152a9b9d_blackcloverimage2.png

it shows the title of each episode from season 1 and attached it to season 2.


originally the folder structure was just the episode numbers starting with 1 and it detected and properly idendified all the way to episode 99, but when it got to 100 emby did not recognize it. i have also have episode 101 and 102 but emby doesn't even recognize that its there and i cant even play it on emby.

i need help please.



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i have now re-organized my series with no season folder and named each episode numerically without a 0 prefix and it was recognized by emby and correctly identified each episode up to episode 99, but again episode 100 i had to identify it manually and episodes 101 and 102 don't even show up in my library. does emby have problems with series that have 100 episodes or more?

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Black Clover is fine on my system. (Note, I have divided it into seasons as Wikipedia does, but named the files as for TVDB; I also keep the earlier episodes separate from those I am currently watching).  I used s01enn up to 99 then s01ennn from 100 on, and it's fine.  Note that the name and episode image on TVBD for this series are often updated a day late, so it's necessary to update the metadata a little later to get the proper information.







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Showing the unaired episodes in Season 1 is as expected, as TVDB has only one season.  Only when we have the episode and put it in a different folder as I choose to do (and you I think) will Emby know to display it in that "season" folder - without the file for an unaired episode, Emby can't know that we are going to put it in a non-standard place.

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thank you very much (pwhodges), your organization of the season and episodes worked, im going to try and apply the same to other series and see if that fixes them as well

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I didn't mention that I chose season images for the separated seasons manually - downloading my selection from the single set on TVDB to my machine, then uploading them as added images for the seasons in Emby.

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