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Emby no longer sees folders starting with "..."

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In my music collection I have albums that start with "..." For example, the Britney Spears album "...Baby One More Time" or the Phil Collins album "...Hits" Recently I've noticed that those albums no longer appear in Emby. I have tried removing the three dots at the beginning of the folder name and then Emby sees the folder again. I know it has not always been like this but I also don't know when it first began. My guess it was with the release but I can't say for sure.


My folder structure is Music>Album Artist>Album


I am currently running Emby

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I would have to test but I would assume this is do to hiding/ignoring all folders that begin with a "period" as some OSes (especially NAS) have hidden folders/files that have to be ignored by Emby.

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I'm guessing MB Picard quietly handled this when processing these albums & I just never noticed?


'\\NAS\Media\Music\10cc\_.. Meanwhile' displays correctly as '... Meanwhile'


'\\NAS\Media\Music\Supertramp\_...Famous Last Words..._' displays correctly as '...Famous Last Words...'


but searching any variation of title/folder name (i.e. '...', '_..', etc.) is a NO GO.

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Will there be a "fix" to what I'm experiencing? A possibility would be having a setting that toggles scanning folders that start with a period.


I'd prefer not to go through my entire library hunting for folders and files starting with periods and changing the filenames.

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