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Feature Request: Better seeking in in-progress recordings on Roku

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 12:53 PM

This is backwards to me what u say. perhaps u not understand.


Local file playback....u know the full duration....but the ui is NOT showing the seconds value. (when use Emby)

Live tv playback, unknown full duration.....ui IS showing the seconds value.


No reason that the secs value can not be displayed as well as the hour and min....regardless of the video source.


That is because the bar has two fields.. major and minor. In your case when the file is small there is no hour. It defaults to minute for major and seconds is minor. The hour only becomes major when the runtime is beyond 60 minutes. Same with seconds missing with larger runtime items. It only shows hours and minutes but no seconds. This is a Roku Player UI deficiency. We would have to develop our own component to get this any different. We eventually will need to roll-our-own component for that eventually but we have a lot of other issues bigger than this on our tracker. I can add this to our tracker though to give it eyeballs.


Reference: Issue #617: [Roku Player UI] Hours:Minutes:Seconds ( three fields versus two fields ) 

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 01:26 PM

Ah well that now makes much more sense as to why this happens, thank you.

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 08:53 PM

That is because LiveTV technically has no end. So to the Roku Player UI it has no real idea what the actual runtime is. It cannot know the true full length so can only display the buffer that has so far been captured. Whereas the actual file playing knows the full runtime. It can properly display the full runtime as that is known ahead of time. You get this when you press LEFT or RIGHT on the remote.


When you press UP or DOWN and use the Emby UI it will properly show the same transport bar for both files and liveTV as that bar can use the guide to determine runtime of liveTV. The Roku Player UI does not have that luxury. You cannot adjust the transport bar in the Emby UI as that is used for Emby functionality. The Roku Player UI is used to seek. It is supposed to show you thumbnail BIF during this but liveTV also lacks that luxury.


The problem is that there are two buffers.  The important buffer, and the one I expect to be able to seek in, is the video that I've recorded already that runs from the start of the recording to now.  The buffer that I'm able to seek in the Roku is different, it's the buffer that my Emby server has transcoded from mpeg2 to H.264.  This buffer starts at 0, and resets any time I leave the playback.  Additionally, seeking in the buffer doesn't work particularly well, as the Roku will sometimes reset my progress all the way to the end of the buffer when I've only watched a few minutes of the recording and will only pause for a couple minutes before it runs out of internal storage and unpauses itself.


When I'm watching a fully recorded program, I have none of these limitations.  The Roku can seek through the full extent of the recorded mpeg2 file, even though I may only have a minute or so transcoded.  Additionally, pausing doesn't magically unpause itself after a couple minutes and I've yet to see progress jump around in unpredictable ways.  What I'm hoping to see is the same sort of ability to seek in currently recording programs as I see in programs that have already finished.



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