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Raspberry Pi4 & NAS for Server


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Alright, I've now changed the movie-folder to my NAS with NFS & SMB (running on the SMB-share).

It does recognize the movies - BUT:


It does not show the subfolders and does not show the pictures of each folder (action, drama, thriller etc.).

I can only change the sorting to "folders" - but this is not the standard but a huge list of movies.

On my windows-installation, this is working fine.

Any idea?


Are you still running into this?

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EDIT :Found it  :blink: 
Under the settings for the user.

Yes, still I am! See here, old vs new...
They show the same folder...
I'd like to have the old style (with the genre) as a standard-view, but I can not find ANY option to display it like this.



Edited by maeffjus
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I've already edited the post... 
I wnated this tab as a standard, which I found ;-)

Now the only issue is the extreme delay with the app on Android. BTW: The network is the same for Wifi and the wired for the board & NAS.

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