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iOS app iphone does not connect to server

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Hey guys,


I'm just getting MB3 setup.  I've been using the classic client version for the past 3 years or so.  I've gotten all networking setup and can access my server from remote devices, such as an off-network PC.




I still cannot get the iPhone app to connect to my server either by direct IP or DDNS.  Are there iOS app specific settings on the server I missed?


Again, both ports are properly open and forwarding to the server.  I CAN connect and access my media remotely use a windows PC and the public DDNS/IP, but the iOS app will not connect.


I currently use:  https://PublicIP:8096/mediabrowser URL to connect.





Never mind.  Realized that the app simply wants the IP alone.  Took off the HTTP and other crap and it works :)

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