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Emby for Kodi (Leia) skipping to next song in the middle


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Hi, I’m having an issue of emby plugin for kodi skipping to the next song in the middle of playback. Usually around 1 – 2 minutes mark.
Not much to say – just skips to next song in playlist. Access Is non direct (http). Fresh Kodi install with no other plugins. Manual login to remote server.
Originally, I noticed this issue on my Raspberry Pi 2, when I updated from Krypton to Leia. That’s why I decided to test it out on my desktop PC.
Web interface and roku app work perfectly fine.

Attaching logs.
I just noticed – emby has a lot of ffmpeg-transcode logs, attaching couple of those as well.

Kodi: 18.4 Git:20190831-3ade758ceb (2019-09-01) for Windows 10.

My emby server is on dedicated machine running Ubuntu.

If you need any other info, or logs - please ask.






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