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Recently purchased Emby.


As a whole I was able to install and configure the server without issues. It is installed and configured with hdhomerun and one m3u source, 2 EPG each dedicated to their own tuner.


The issue is with the client apps. At first I was using an older 1/4GB Android 7 TV box but am now upgraded to a Quad 4/64GB Android 9 box.


Navigation is really difficult with the remote. I can't seem to be able to select and click with the standard remote as pressing left, right, up down seems to focus on groups rather than tiles. When I use the mouse function I can however navigate and select.


Other part is EPG which takes a couple of minutes to display and it is close to imposible to navigate (imposible with keys and takes forver with mouse)


At first I had the server on a Linux VM but then moved it to a linux PC ..... then a Windows 10.


Nothing helped so I blamed Wifi, wired everything in and connected them to the same switch but still it is horribly slugish.


Any tips on how to optimize performance ?



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Hi.  What device is this?  Is it running true Android TV?


On true Android TV devices I have not heard any issues with navigation using arrow keys.


Also, exactly what app and version did you install on the device?

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Yeah, that is not an Android TV box.  Which exact app did you install?  Perhaps you installed the mobile app...

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Ok...not what I was expecting.


I think it's the Android TV version but I'll double check to be sure.


So OK then 2 questions :

What's a real Android box ?

Can I make a real Android box by loading a different firmware on the unit I have ?

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OK home now and feeling like an idiot.


In all my tests and switching boxes my latest install was not the Android TV version.


Much better now :)


All I have left is firewall issues.


Should I run VPN on the box or is it enough to run it on the server ?

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