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Recorded TV playback problems: .wtv played with MPC-HC in Theater no subtitles, does not jump ahead


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I am still having problems in Server version Version 3.0.5264.17006 and Theater 3.05243.22734 playing back .wtv recorded TV programs with MPC-HC 1.7.5 set as the external player for .wtv files


Specifically, subtitles do not display and  are greyed out I cannot jump past commercials using the harmony remote. Skip forward is not working. And stop does not return me to Theater.


I am getting a lengthy filter list in MPC-HC:


MPEG-2 Section and Tables


Default Direct Sound Device

PBDA DT Filter

LAV Video Decoder (internal)

Audio Switcher

PBDA DT Filter

LAV Audio Decoder (internal)

Stream Buffer Source


However, the recorded TV show will play and 720 is upscaled to 1080 so the video quality is improved.

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This is apparently a MPC-HC issue and not a media browser problem


If I try to play the wtv file with MPC-HC without going through media browser  I get the same problem. So, I need to figure out how to set up MPC--HC to play wtv files.


I am getting an error message about not having the necessary filters relating to the PBDA DT Filter

StreamBufferSource::DVR Out - 4
PBDA DTFilter::Out
Media Type 0:
majortype: MEDIATYPE_MSTVCaption {B88B8A89-B049-4C80-ADCF-5898985E22C1}
subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_DtvCcData {F52ADDAA-36F0-43F5-95EA-6D866484262A}
formattype: FORMAT_None {0F6417D6-C318-11D0-A43F-00A0C9223196}
bFixedSizeSamples: 1
bTemporalCompression: 0
lSampleSize: 1
cbFormat: 0
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CCCP's MPC_HC development internet site: http://www.cccp-project.net/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page reports their latest version simply disables playing wtv files because of know problems. There may not be a current solution


2014-04-20: A new release, code name "A Dream of Spring", has been released. It contains various fixes to bugs found during the last release cycle. XP support is now officially off the table, but nothing has (yet) been broken knowingly for it.

  • Download for Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8.x.
  • Updated components:
    • LAV Filters
    • MPC-HC (master@f2fa14b)
    • xy-VSFilter 3.0.0."288" (git 974aff3)
  • General change log:
    • Installer and settings applications
      • The uninstaller should now no longer leave an empty root directory in case of a full uninstall under specific circuimstances.
    • MPC-HC
      • MPC-HC no longer moves a couple of frames forward when paused for the first time.
      • XySubFilter's auto-loading has now been fixed in certain cases on Windows 7.
    • LAV
      • The defaults are now much less restrictive format-wise for both the splitter and the video decoder. This should not bring up issues, but we welcome any reports in case of failure.
        • In LAV Video, VC1, MPEG-1, WMV3, WMV12 and MS Video 1 are disabled in addition to LAV Video's own defaults of disabling RV12, Cinepak, QPEG and MSRLE. The ones we disable are handled so as they are handled generally better by the official MS decoders.
        • In LAV Splitter, asf (WMV), avi, mp3, mpeg (MPEG-PS), wav and wtv are disabled, as these are known to be either handled well by the MS filters, or known to be problematic with some applications if replaced by non-MS filters.
      • LAV Filters' support for loading Avisynth scripts with itself being called within them has been improved. This fixes the last remaining problem left with using LAV for Avisynth scripts.
      • LAV Splitter is now more resilient to unexpected things in embedded cue sheets (in MP3 files, for example).
      • MP4/MKV files with H.264 and no parameter sets off-band (avcC) are now supported in LAV Filters.
      • Conversion of odd-height 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 YCbCr to RGB now works correctly in LAV Video. Fixes the bottom line in certain mirkosp's encodes, for example.
      • Crashes on SSE-only systems with DTS audio have been fixed.
      • DXVA2 decoder implementation has been improved in LAV Video.
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