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emby -ffmpeg issue


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Hello everyone, first post here so if anything should be edited just tell me.


Anyway, I am running emby on a Manjaro linux machine, everything has been working out of the box until now. I am watching an episode of a series I already watched tons of episodes on emby without any problem, and suddenly the media reproduction stops towards the end. If I reload the episode it will keep stopping around the same time.

Other episodes seem to be fine for now.


I attach the log embyserver.txt, it seems to be an error with starting ffmpeg, but I don't really see the reason as everything has been working ok until now.


I have seen some other older posts with similar issue and I tried reloading the whole series, rescanning the library each time, but nothing changed.


Hope you can help, thanks in advance!




I managed to watch some other episodes and also some films, the problem happens suddenly towards the end of some apparently random episodes of just this series. It might have something to do with the files themselves but I cannot understand what since they all come from the same source.



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Sorry for the late reply. Just wondering whether you had ever had any update on this issue.


Lately I have been having this same issue with a lot of episodes/films, apparently only when streaming from the browser, not from the android app.

Next time it happens I will provide the logs, do you need the ffmpeg ones or embyserver ones?

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