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Unable to view TV Show Episode details (to mark played, favorite, see cast, etc)


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Sorry if this has been mentioned previously, I looked thru the last 2 months of posts and didnt see any posts about it.
The issue that I am having, and a very frustrating one at that, is that I am unable to view the details of a specific episode for any tv show. 
When I click on a tv show then select a specific season, I get a list of episodes that when I select (press the circular button inside the directional pad) the episode plays. 
It does not go to the details of that episode, which then would allow me to set as favorite, delete, change the resolution, add subtitles, etc.
I tried pressing every button on my remote and I was unable to get it to display some sort of menu allowing me to view the details nor bring me to the episode details.
I was able to find a workaround, but it only applies if an episode is showing in the section for 'next up' or 'continue watching', I then am able to bring up that episodes' details then scroll to other episodes for just that season.
I have a TV running Emby Theater for Android (not sure the version), but on there when I load episodes for a season, to the right of the episode description you can favorite, mark watched/unwatched, and show more info for each episode in that specific season.
The Samsung app does not display those options, which I believe are just missing or never added in the version that I am running. That said, its been this way since I decieded to switch to Emby from Mezzmo 6+ moths ago and I ignored it until I finally made the full switchover.

I have a Samsung UN60KS8000 running Emby Theater 1.0.61 (updated on 5/22/19) connected to Emby Server running on windows server 2019 standard.

I attached pictures I took of the Samsung App displaying  a TV show, its Season(s), and Season episode list to better help you understand what I am referring to. 
Since I feel that you may ask what remote I have (since the standard remote has MANY more buttons then mine and one of those may bring up the menu I am looking for) I added a screenshot of the remote taken directly from the user manual.
Please let me know if there is anything else that I can provide to help get this resolved.





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Agree, if at least the last 3 icons from the web client could be added that would be great.



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