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'The Emby Channel' - i.e. playing with the 'shuffle' feature a little.


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I have enough material in my Emby library, that I'm lucky enough to have 'the agony of choice' when deciding what to watch. More than once I have opened Emby, stared at a wall of DVD covers, then given up and eaten a sandwich or something instead. :)


I'm aware that there is a 'shuffle' function, but that is a little basic - it works for music, but this doesn't match how we watch TV (or DVDs, movies etc) in real life.


So, what if Emby could pretend that the items in my libraries were part of a TV channel? I sit down, open Emby for something to watch, and I see that Family Guy has just started on The Emby Channel. So, I hit 'play', and start watching the Family Guy episode.


Then, after the episode finishes, it could either go on to show the next Family Guy episode, or use the 'more like this' recommendations to play a random episode from (e.g.) King of the Hill, like a TV channel in real life. And so on like this.


These 'Emby Channels' could be displayed like this on the Emby home screen:

  • My media
  • Continue watching
  • The Sci-Fi Channel (a random selection from 'TV shows' and 'Movies' in the 'Science Fiction' genre)
  • The Comedy Channel (a random selection from 'TV shows' in the 'Comedy' genre)
  • Latest TV shows
  • Latest movies

(of course, the user configures the genres and libraries used in each channel!)


I feel that this better reflects 'channel surfing' in real life to find something to watch, instead of hitting 'shuffle' on a music player, or putting a DVD into a player to watch something specific.

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There is currently a multi page thread already requesting this



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