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How do I "save local metadata to media folders"?


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I'm migrating my Emby setup from a Mac Pro to a QNAP NAS. In reading the migration guide it says:



To keep a permanent copy of metadata, we suggest enabling saving of local metadata to media folders.


I can't see how to do this. I've seen some other threads that reference it, such as:




But I don't see what's being referenced there either.


Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Well if you click Gear Icon > Library > Movies (or whatever) > Manage Library > Show Advanced Settings and scroll down there's a Save Artwork Into Media Folders checkbox.


There's one for Thumbnails as well, and maybe others, didn't check too closely.


Edit: thats on Windows, I assume it applies to Macs and QNAPS as well...

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I think so. I enabled it for each library and .nfo files were written. I did find it a little confusing as to what "Metadata" was in this situation. Also, from previous forum threads it seems like there used to be a setting that more closely matched saving MetaData than ones for Images and Thumbnails and having to figure out that this was Metadata.  Hope that helps explain my confusion.

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