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Tag based access control


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Currently it is already possible to block content from users by setting a tag on content you dont want them to see and adding that tag to the users parental control settings.


It is also already in the works to whitelist content instead (only allow access to content with certain tags) just like you have asked:




(this part is still in beta and hasn't been pushed to the public release yet)

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Ah that is one I’d missed. Will have another look. Thanks Luke.


Still keen to leave this request. Noticed this on a new search which is similar: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47438-tagging-and-parental-control/


Secondary use would be to create groomed libraries. Using favourites a lot at the moment to track things I want to watch, but used to used a two tier system for the queue and favourites true favourites (for rewatch) so I’d use an inclusive tag solution to enable that (old solution one was shortcut based in Media Browser which is still on the main TV).


Is this sort of thing possible with a plugin or extension? I could try and write one but the interfaces didn’t look like they supported filtering a view.

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