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Episode Title/Name Metadata Fetch Override

metadata override episode title/name

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#1 Nisten OFFLINE  


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Posted 02 May 2019 - 06:12 PM

Problem Scenario: Episodes have the correct episode name/title but the wrong episode order or sequence.


Issue: In these problem scenarios, Emby overlooks the correct episode name/title in favor of episode order/sequence and fetches/displays metadata as such causing the wrong episode names/titles to display in Emby.


Feature Request: Implement an override mechanic (at the series level) that will match/fetch metadata of the episode filename(s) based on the episode's name/title listed with the metadata provider.


Feature Request Design: When the override is enabled for a particular series, the episodes for that series will have its metadata fetched and displayed based primarily on the episode's name/title and would automatically sort it or sequence it based on that. This way if you're not certain (or know for sure) that there's a mismatch between the episode name/title, Emby would compensate using the override so the user doesn't have to manually rename all affected episodes from affected series' to match the episode listing from the metadata provider.


Practicality: This would alleviate the need to match verbatim the episode names/titles and their corresponding ordering/sequencing by the primary metadata provider. Plus if you have to do renaming anyway; you could focus solely on the episode name/title instead of in addition to the episode order/sequence which would moderately decrease the amount of effort/time one would spend renaming episodes provided they already know what the names/titles should be for the episodes.


Override Scenario 1: The filenames have pre-populated episode names/titles and ordering/sequencing but there's a mismatch with the metadata provider

Override Scenario 2: The episode naming/title/ordering/sequencing from the physical source doesn't match the metadata provider (due to user error or listing mismatch with metadata provider)


Application: Tv Show Library Content Types


Why does this need to be Added? Depending on the source of the media, there are scenarios where information/metadata is pre-populated (showname, episodename, episodeorder, etc) for the filenames and instead of having to correct partially inaccurate or partially disordered filenames (even though though the episode name/title is verifiably correct), The user could click a box to enable this override for each series that fit the problem scenario and/or the override scenarios without having to re-name/re-title/re-sequence who knows how many individual episodes

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#2 Luke OFFLINE  


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Posted 02 May 2019 - 10:39 PM

Matching by name would be very difficult as your file names can only contain characters supported by the operating system. And they'd have to match tvdb exactly. If you have any little variation in your file names we would just end up getting hit with "not working" reports.

#3 Nisten OFFLINE  


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Posted 03 May 2019 - 12:46 PM

Would it be more feasible to add an "Identify" option for individual episodes then (like there is for movies) or add some sort of re-linking/overwrite mechanic within Emby at the episode level?


For me, this mismatching is causing episodes to have to be renamed multiple times just so Emby recognizes and sorts it correctly.


Most of my tv show media is recorded but I also do mkvrips of the home dvds and input the naming/titling and ordering/sequencing that shows on the dvd covers or episode menu but this still causes some episodes to be out of order cause the episode naming and order on the dvd cover(s) or episode menu(s) doesn't necessarily match the metadata provider verbatim to begin with and even one episode mismatch will affect the ordering of the other episodes


^ There needs to be a better way to compensate for this (in Emby) without hunting for metadata discrepancies and then trying to fix them by renaming each individual episode

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