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Hiding menu items "Collections" and "Folders" in movie section

Gert-Jan Albers

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Gert-Jan Albers

Is there a way I can hide the menu items "Collections" and "Folders" within the movie section (see screen below)?


In the WEB APP I can use the custom CSS function:


button.emby-tab-button:nth-child(4) { display:none; }


button.emby-tab-button:nth-child(7) { display:none; }
but this doesn't have effect in iOS and Apple TV apps.
Is there a setting I have missed or can this be done in an other way?
Why I like to hide these items? I don't use collections at all because they still can't be backed up so I need to reproduce them every time I set up a fresh Emby server.


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Hi, there is currently no option for this, although it is possible for the future. Thanks.

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