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Emby ignoring the default language


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post-387809-0-15535500-1556649163_thumb.jpgpost-387809-0-15535500-1556649163_thumb.jpgI have a lot of jap anime, I love to just sit back and binge watch series after series, but I have been having the problem of selecting the eng lang, it plays just fine with no issues, but I have all these files marked with default eng but for some reason I still have to select the English track, even though it IS the default language.

Not a real issue but it is very frustrating. I have set the server to play the default language and I even went as far as to re-encode the file so that the English audio was not just the default but the first track, but this hasn't solved the issue.

Sorry im not tech minded, but I have included an image showing it is the default but it always plays the Japanese track.

Thanks in advance

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You've also checked the box "play default audio track regardless of language".


Can you provide a copy of the media info for this file, from the bottom of the web app detail screen? Thanks.

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