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Subtitles do not work on Emby Android


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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Hi, first congratulations for all this work. Great!


I have a problem, subtitles work fine in the Web version as you can see below:





However, in the Android version do not work:











Thank you very much in advance.

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The issue is that we extract the embedded subtitles on the fly and send them to the video player as plain text, however in your environment this process is taking a long time, and it's causing you to think the subtitles aren't working.


What you can do is go to server transcoding settings and uncheck the option to allow subtitle extraction on the fly. This will caused them to be burned in with server transcoding instead - of course, you might not like that either due to the amount of resources it will consume on your server in order to do that.


That's why for the best experience possible, external subtitles are always the most efficient choice. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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Hi, thanks for replying.

I continued testing here. I will describe the scenario:



All movies are in the format ".strm"

Subtitles in ".srt" format




In the described scenario the subtitles work in the web version, but, they do not work on Windows and Android clients.

I tested the same movie, the same subtitle.

The difference is that in the first test (test1) the movie was locally (Figure 1), in the second test (test2) the movie was in the cloud (.strm file) (Figure 2).












Result test1 (Android Client):






Result test2 (Android Client):


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Hi.. on the latest version of emby app for my android tablet, it doesn't display subtitles too... however, if i play that movie by web.. it displays subtitles. Strange.

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