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Research TV extra naming #Feature #Suggestion

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Posted 07 April 2019 - 10:49 PM

Hi all,
Hope you're well
Thanks for software and OPs for raising this issue - lots of fragmented discussion on this topic (see above)
Some (more in depth) documentation on how I'm solving this issue:

# Syntax
## Flat

[series]/season [season] | extra/[series] - s[season]e[episode] - [extra type] - [title] - [date] - [quality: [source]-[format/resolution]] - [media info] - [release group: foo]

## Nested

    season [season] | extra
        [series] - s[season]e[episode] - [extra type] - [title] - [date] - [quality: [source]-[format/resolution]] - [media info] - [release group: foo]

# Description


s0 = season specials (inc. extras)
s1 = season 1
s01 = season 1, padded
s10 = season 10

if necessary then pad (e.g. if e10 then e01 & if e100 then e001, e010)


e1 = episode 1
s0e099 == extra aired before s1e1 (e.g. s0e099 newest/latest and s0e001 oldest)
s0e101 == s1e1 extra
s0e0101 == s1e1 extra, padded
s0e1001 == s10e1 extra

if necessary then pad (e.g. if e10 then e01 & if e100 then e001, e010)

extra type:


# Example
## Season

Curb Your Enthusiasm - s01e01 - The Pants Tent - 2000-10-15

## Special

Curb Your Enthusiasm - s00e30 - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David - 2006-01-05

## Extra

Curb Your Enthusiasm - s00e701 - bts, interview, trailer - on the set - 2009-09-11
It's non-trivial to categorise extra types (in folders), because often they can be >1 category/type, so instead I use use (optional) tags (in file names). This way I can still easily search/filter by file name and group files into playlists. If Emby is to handle tags from file names, in addition to the existing categories from folders, then Emby will need a more complex, structured, [s]yntax in order to parse file names.
In addition to this file name schema you're free to use whatever folder names in whichever nested structure you wish (e.g. similar to the Emby [m]ovie naming docs). However, Emby will limit displaying >1 nested folders in the UI and using folders named "extras" will not work (i.e. Emby defaults to "Specials) this is why I use "extra" instead. Also, if .nfo enabled then be sure to delete .nfo files before refreshing metadata.
IMO clever use of file naming solves the extras debate but I'd be interested to hear contrary use cases
If this (hack) does solve the issue then please update [T]V naming docs or link to this forum thread. With webisodes becoming quite normal now, I expect the frequency of extras (and queries/requests) to skyrocket in the coming years.
If you have any issues (e.g. questions/queries) then happy to help
Hope this helps
PS http://trakt.tv - there's talk of an extras DB but so far this is almost always my best source for discovering/naming extras, love to hear more
s: http://emby.media/co...es/#entry678769 - file stacking ( http://github.com/Me...s-file-stacking ) currently uses an appended -[foo: part, cd, dvd etc.] syntax

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 02:40 PM

It puts them at the end of the season, which is better than lumping them all into series 0.


I'd stil want something like, say "Doctor Who S17E04X01 Terror Nation" rather than this, but it's a good workaround until we get that.

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